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To ask a question, give some feedback, just get in touch and for inquiries please reach out to

Wolfgang at info@space-symphony.com.

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Keyboard and Controller Kurzweil PC3X, Akai LPD8, Apple iPad mini and iPhone

Expander Waldorf Blofeld, E-MU Morpheus

Microphones Shure SM58, SM57, WH20XLR and SM27

Audio Interface RME Fireface 800

Monitoring PSI Audio Active A17-M, Beyerdynamics DT-990 Pro

Field Recorder Zoom H2 digital recorder

Audio Workstation Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9 on Windows 7 Professional


Plug-ins 2CAudio, Airwindows, Antares, Applied Acoustics Systems, Arturia, Audio Damage, Audiority, D16 Group, Eventide, Focusrite, GForce Software, Gospel Musicians, IK Multimedia, iZotope, Kong Audio, KORG, LiquidSonics, Native Instruments, New Sonic Arts, Noise Makers, Nomad Factory, Ohm Force, Peavey, Photosounder, Plugin Alliance, PSPaudioware, Rob Papen, Softube, SoundToys, Spectrasonics, Sugar Bytes, Tonecarver, UVI, Voxengo, XferRecords, XILS-lab, XLN Audio

Sample Libraries Bolder Sounds, Cinesamples, Dream Audio Tools, East West, Embertone, FrozenPlain, Heavyocity, Hideaway Studio, Hollow Sun, Ilio, Ilya Efimov Production, Patchpool, PinkNoise Studio, Rattly and Raw, Sonic Reality, Soniccouture, Spectrasonics, Synth Magic, Tronsonic, ZapZorn


Hi, my name is Wolfgang Gaube, I am living in beautiful and romantic Vienna, Austria after ten years in Dublin, Ireland and love to create and express through sound and music. I compose, play piano and keyboards, do sound design and like to create and produce authentic quality music. I have a diverse background and broad interest in music, from classical to current genres as well as the visual arts, film, as all forms of contemporary art.


My experience in music ranges from composing and producing, playing piano and keyboards, playing live and providing lessons for children and adults. I have business experience in global and multi-cultural environments of IT companies in marketing and sales, project- and team management, coaching and logistics.

The music I compose is piano and sound based in the form of song, electronic, lounge, organic ambient atmospheric sonic textures and soundscapes, world to film, with and without beats, which I produce in my project studio that is equipped for recording of software instruments, acoustic instruments and vocals. I have a nice touch on the piano and my playing and music is honest, versatile and soulful in a slow to upper-medium tempo range. My piano style is influenced by many musicians and genres that touched my heart like Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, George Duke.

I started at an early age with classical piano. My piano studies were primarily with private teachers and at the Vienna Music Academy. At that time, I experienced music as colours and feelings and soon after, I began to compose. Then I came in contact with jazz and the jazz piano and was fascinated by the free expression and colourful sounds of the chords. With my first synthesizer, the Yamaha DX7IIFD, I began to explore electronic music and sound programming and soon had my first project studio. Additionally I attended master classes with international musicians about composition, arrangement, orchestration, improvisation, electro-acoustic music, sound design, sound engineering, the healing aspect of music, voice work and self-development.

Now I realise the importance of expressing my hearts passion in simplicity, joy and freedom and choose creativity, music and communication as form of my expression and expansion. New balanced and compassionate ways of being and expression in these exciting times of awakening and changes on earth, in humanity and consciousness bring in new energy and potentials, which I am very excited to explore.

What touches me most is the song and a melody, voice, open spacious ambient feeling, jazzy funky grooves and a soulful expression. Like the mix, the collage and am attracted to experimental elements and the avant-garde.



classical, medieval, jazz, smooth jazz, pop, r&b, neo-soul, electronic, minimal, chillout, lounge, organic ambient atmospheric sonic textures and soundscapes, world, music for film



composition, piano, keyboards, sound design, production,  tuition


global, multi-cultural, marketing and sales, project- and team management, coaching, logistics

Hi. My name is Wolfgang Gaube, and I'm a composer, musician (keys) from Vienna, Austria. Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me with any questions, inquiries or just to say hello. Enjoy!

"I Am Here"

is based on a piano improvisation with some embellishment added. The original improvisation is the piano version. Enjoy listening!